Safe hospitality

The measure outlined in this guide is adapted from “Operational considerations for the management of the COVID-19 emergency in the hospitality sector: Provisional orientation” (version updated on 06/04/2020) and of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 17 May and the “Guidelines for the reopening of economic, productive and recreational activities” issued by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces. In the event that WHO updates these guidelines or if the national or regional government updates or introduces new internal guidelines, CDSHotels will adapt and adhere to these corporate guidelines as necessary.


Wearing the mask is mandatory in all hotel areas.

The material delivered to the Guests during the check-in has been disinfected.

All the Guests must respect the interpersonal distance of 1 metre in all hotel areas with all other Guests and with the hotel staff.

The elevators can hold maximum 2 people at a time. We suggest the Guests to use the stairs starting from floor 1.
On each floor, there are three stairs entries at the far end of each hallway. Please ask our Front Office for more information.

If you feel sick don’t panic: let us know about any symptoms such as a fever, sneezing, a cough and respiratory problems immediately. We will ask you to self-isolate in your room, call a doctor for you and supply the help needed for a full and speedy recovery.