published on 29/08/2023

Ferragosto Party by The Beach Luxury Club!

Amazing Ferragosto party presented by Domina Coral Bay and The Beach Luxury Club in the…

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published on 16/08/2023

Egypt as a holiday destination

Egypt as a tourist destination has been popular for many years and attracts tourists and…

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published on 08/08/2023

Excursions in Sicily!

Sicily is in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and has a long rich history.…

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published on 01/08/2023

Ferragosto Party in the Desert!

Domina Coral Bay and The Beach Luxury Club present an incredible event never seen in…

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published on 26/07/2023

Diving in the Red Sea

The Red Sea is famous for its rich and colorful underwater world. Lush corals, crystal…

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published on 21/07/2023

Active vacation at Garda Lake

Garda lake is one the jewels of Italy and known all over the world as…

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published on 12/07/2023

Sicilian dinner-show

Sicilian cuisine is famous for its richness and diversity all over the world because it…

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published on 30/06/2023

Padel courts at Domina Zagarella Sicily

Padel as a sport was born in Spanish speaking countries, but despite this fact number…

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published on 23/06/2023

Domina Beach Soccer Tour 2023

Every year Domina Coral Bay hosts Domina Beach Soccer Tour with teams from different countries.…

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