10 Essential Tips for Travelling to Egypt

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The charm of Egypt is an irresistible attraction for many travellers who wish to discover historical and cultural treasures found nowhere else on Earth. However, a trip to Egypt requires a little preparation. Here are some useful tips for an unforgettable adventure.

What To Do Before Leaving for Egypt?

Before travelling to Egypt, it is important to obtain all necessary information about travel conditions and the current situation in the country. We advise you to check the safety and health conditions, check the validity of your passport, and obtain an entry visa which is necessary to enter the country. Furthermore, it is important that you inform yourself about the currencies accepted and the preferred payment method in Egypt.

For travellers over one year old who come from countries where yellow fever is at risk of transmission, a certificate of vaccination against this disease is required. For further information regarding vaccinations required before arriving in Egypt, it is best to consult your doctor.

What is Required to Enter Egypt?

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, it is important to know what documents are needed to enter the country. Firstly, entry is permitted with a passport that has a residual validity of at least six months from the date of arrival. Furthermore, a visa is required which can be obtained at the Egyptian Consulate or Embassy, or in the event that you are arriving solely for tourism purposes, at the airports by paying around 25 dollars. Those who are staying in a resort on the southern coast of Sinai for less than fourteen days do not need an ordinary tourist visa.

If your trip is only for tourism purposes, it is also possible to enter the country with a paper or electronic identity card valid for travel abroad. You must also bring two passport-sized photos with you, which will be necessary to obtain the visa which will be required by the border authorities upon arrival in the country. Remember to have these photos before leaving Italy to avoid problems upon arrival. The Egyptian border authorities do not allow access to the country to travellers in possession of an electronic identity card with an extension certificate.

Travelling in Egypt Safely: Advice from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For a safe trip to Egypt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends registering the details of your trip on DoveSonoNelMondo, and using tour operators and travel agencies that provide a guarantee of professionalism and experience.

Furthermore, for travelling to Egypt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends:

  • Avoiding photographing military and police property or other security installations, whether fixed or mobile, as this is strictly prohibited;
  • Maintaining behaviour and styles of dress that are in keeping with local customs and respectful of Muslim culture and religion, avoiding skimpy clothing;
  • Observing maximum caution in public places and maintaining an adequate level of vigilance throughout the Ramadan period and other religious holidays and occasions;
  • Having a good general physical condition if choosing to practice sporting activities, and paying particular attention to temperature variations.

What Currency Is Used in Egypt?

The official currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound. However, many businesses also accept the US dollar and the euro. We recommend that you change your local currency at banks or authorised exchange offices, to avoid tricks or scams. In any event, it is always good to have cash on hand, as not all shops accept credit card payments.

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