Dinner show: “Welcome to My World”

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October 6, 2023, was an important date for The Beach Luxury Club with its new and Exclusive Dinner Show, held with only 250 people.

It was called “Welcome to my World” and the world is that of Manuel Dallori, an entrepreneur who has always dedicated his entire life to entertainment of others.

Total of around 40 show professionals from all over the world brought unforgettable emotions with surprising performances, hoops, fire, songs, choreographies, all happening at the same time on three different stages. The artistic directors of this innovative dinner show were Cristiano De Conciliis and Natascia De Nicola, long term partners of The Beach Luxury Club.

“My idea of a dinner show was born already in 1997, after a trip to Paris between Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and Lidò explained Manuel Dallori, who put all his energy to realize his dream and bringing magic to his guests. An on 6th of October he brought a show which represented best of 10 years of ideas and journey.